Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I've Got Nothin'

So in honour of the upcoming St Patrick's Day celebrations (and because I've left my camera, sans battery power, on my desk at work for the last week and didn't take any new pictures) I thought I would revisit my past St Patrick's Day's spent in Canada, surrounded by familiar faces- friends and coworkers, as well as the odd family member- and thus be able to compare and contrast my Canadian St Pat's to my first Korean St. Pat's experience. In case you couldn't tell, I take the day quasi-seriously and look forward to it every March (and promptly forget about it afterwards until the next March comes around).

So while I'm not 100% sure I want anyone to see these pictures I will nonetheless take the plunge for old time's sake. Maybe I'm missing my friends just the tiniest bit?

This was a depressing St Pat's for me, hence the bottle of merlot and the sombre expression. It fell on the same day as the biggest hockey game (and the only one I've ever cared about) of the year- at least for my old university house and our rival house. We lost. So sad. But the afterparties are good regardless.

This one was fun. Our neighbours in the apartment downstairs had a big kegger and let us drink from it for free. What a guy. I'll never forget you, Rob... Roy...?

This is how every St Pat's started at university. At 11 AM, at the Library Pub, usually with Jesse (who takes St Pat's more seriously than his schooling). This is the only time of year that I can drink guinness, too.

My friend Shell, clearly amused by my cowboy hat (where did it even come from?). Oh yeah, and my arm was broken at this point, too. I fell down an icy hill.

There you have it. I wonder if this year will be any different... what do YOU think? I'm especially interested in hearing from Amanda Smallwood. And sure, others can answer it if they so choose. Stay tuned.

OH before I forget, follow this link. It's really funny. I didn't know I wrote like a boy... how disquieting.



Myles said...

Aww, thanks Janine - now you've made me more depressed I'm missing Cheaton Cup this year.

Although...living/working in Rojo/Chipman would perhaps make for an awkward result either way, of course. Perhaps it's for the best.

Amanda said...

Well! Firstly, I love Jezebel. Fab blog.
Secondly, thanks for the shout out, yo. But no pictures of me? Must be out of respect for my future as a prominent and serious pillar of the community (what community? time will tell).
Thirdly (I just wrote Thirstly, which is probably more apt), holy I miss old St. Pat's with you kids. Apparently Osgoode does not celebrate St. Patrick's Day, so much as they celebrate Dean Patrick's Day (in honour of our leader, Dean Patrick Monahan. Good guy!). The common room at school is going to be serving green beer starting around noon on Monday (and did I ever tell you my cafeteria serves Kieths??!), playing games and being generally sloppy.
However, I will probably be at the library the whole day.
Worst St. Pat's EVER. At least when we lost the cup we could still hang out with our beloveds.

Amanda said...

Which is all to say.. I miss you!

Anonymous said...

Mom said.. Did I tell you I think I saw Shelly on TV - Live at Five. They were interviewing people on the street about a storm and they spoke to this young lady who looked, smiled, and spoke like Shelly...I think it was her! Can you confirm this?