Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The New Kids

And just like that, winter in Korea is over.

Today and yesterday have been sunny and really warm; like, it's not even jacket weather. It went from being extremely cold to comfortably warm with little to no transition period. I've been thinking of my family and friends in Canada who are still battling snowstorms and freezing rain and I really feel sorry for them (suckers).

Here are some pictures of my new kids! I'm finally starting to get to know them and already have picked my favourites. I'm such a bad teacher. At least I don't overtly show my favouritism, they're just my favourites in my head...

David is such a sneaky kid. He's always smiling like he knows something I don't know...

This is Jason, but he likes to call himself Henry after a character from Thomas the Train or some crap like that. The kids here are crazy about Thomas. Incidentally, Thomas is a very popular English name for a little boy to take. I have two in my class alone!

Making self portraits. You can see Miss Janine's self portrait lying on the table... I had to show them how to do it, right? I have way too much fun doing arts and crafts sometimes. At this table are Thomas K. and my only girls: Sally and Sonya.

At this table: the other Thomas, Thomas J. as well as Kevin, Alex and Jason/Henry.

Alvin and Daniel on the carpet for the puzzle centre.

Su-chang! I love this kid. He's such a tough guy, but the second you tickle him he's such a softie.

David, Toby and Miss Janine.

Bright Kim and Miss Janine.

Whoever gave Kevin his English name was totally on the ball. I mean, doesn't he look like a Kevin?

Dear Thomas J: I like you a lot, but please stop practicing tae kwon do on your classmates. They are all smaller than you. That is all.


Chi-Hé said...

Miss Janine that is an AWESOME carpet! And totally know what you mean about the arts and crafts, I like to show off my excellent colouring skills hehe :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I'm thinking of going to Korea to teach English in a couple of months. I've been researching hakwons and public schools to work for. I was wondering who you work for and if you recommend your employers. Thanks!