Monday, March 31, 2008

Samsung Children's Museum

Last Wednesday we bundled up our children and buckled them into two rather large rented busses to take them on their first field trip of the new school year. It took a long time; much longer than usual. We normally get the kids back in Suwon by 1:20 PM but this was a special occasion- we went all the way to Jamsil (an area in Seoul) to let the kids run wild in the Samsung Children's Museum. I am usually quite critical of our field trip locations, but in this case I actually had a really good time. My kids have finally settled into our routine and they were really well behaved. I was totes happy.

My seat partner, David (I swear I don't play favourites...)

Bright Kim, with his usual camera face.

I felt bad I wasn't able to offer David the fun times involved with sitting with one of his classmates (who speak the same language) so I let him listen to some of my tunes. He gave me his thumbs up. I always knew I had great taste, but it feels good to have it confirmed by a five year old.

There were all these huge screens around the museum that you can take pictures with. Here's me and Thomas K. So much fun.

Bright, concentrating.

Teaching Partner Jessica and me with our whole class.

The kids were on TV! "Under The Sea" from the Little Mermaid played in the background while the kids played with the blue screen.

Blue screen area.

Many valuable learning oppotunities, including "All About Grandma" and "Puberty: Time to Change". I'm just glad my kids weren't really paying attention to the learning aspect of the field trip.

My favourite part: the water room!

Daniel caught Su-chang off guard on the bus. This kid totally cracks me up.

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