Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Japanese Eats in Yeongtong

There's a place down the road from my school that my coworkers and I like to frequent. It's reasonably priced, it tastes great, and, honestly, they give you so much food. I can never finish a full meal there. The staff is friendly and the latest Korean pop hit is always playing in the background. Totally my kind of place.

They specialize in Japanese food, but really, their menu could easily be Korean if they took the sushi away. Nearly every dish is a variation of donkass, or, breaded and fried pork cutlet. I personally love donkass. It's comforting, filling, hot, and it always comes with a cabbage salad and some delicious kimchi (really, what's a Korean meal without kimchi though).

This was my choice of the day. Donkass filled with sweet potato, accompanied (as always) by miso soup, rice, and pickled radish, onions, and kimchi. It's was deliciousnan. Except for the corn salad which you'll see at the top right- I can't eat that stuff. When did it become kosher to mix fruit, potato, corn, and marshmallow-ey sweet dressing? Sidenote: my pal Lisa loves that salad. Different strokes for different folks.

Tracy got something more akin to bibimbap. Mixed greens and vegetables, rice on the bottom, topped with raw tuna and drizzled with red pepper sauce- a nice Japanese twist on an old classic.

Anna went for the sushi-noodle bowl combination. Thick, Japanese noodle soup served with eight pieces of mixed sushi accompanied by salads and sides. Her one complaint was that she mixed too much soy sauce with her wasabi paste. She's an old pro.

Charlene got a normal piece of donkass which came resting on top of a spicy mixture of stir fried vegetables in a red pepper sauce. It looked really good; I'll have to get that one next time.

So why don't you give your local Japanese place a try? I bet you'll like it, even if you're squeamish about sushi.

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