Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Suwon Olympics

I took a much needed break from blogging after my 100th post. Mostly to mentally prepare myself for my new crew of six year olds (four or five year olds in Canada, though). Did I really need all that mental preparation? YES. Holy moly, I have 13 kids in my new morning kindergarten class and 11 of the 13 are crazy little boys. They obviously don't have any English yet because they're so young, and the majority have never been to kindergarten before. However, there is light at the end of this tunnel! They are starting to get used to my routine, and they are all really, really adorable. There will be pictures posted asap, I know my mother likes to live vicariously through me.

This past weekend was spent rather untraditionally for me, meaning I spent it meeting new people and hanging out with them instead of Kerri. Newfound independence? Maybe. Or Kerri might just be on vacation at home in Canada. Either way, I had a pretty solid weekend. On Saturday night there was an event of Olympic proportions at Now Bar, where quite a few teams (made up of regulars... who else even goes to Now Bar...?) got together, each representing a different country, and took part in different competitions. I was on team Canada the 2nd (there were too many Canadians for just one team) and we ended up getting 3rd place, which was pretty cool. We won some vodka.

There were events like an egg race, balloon shaving, and of course... flip cup and beer bong. Just try doing a beer bong at a bar in Canada! So illegal. I love Korea.

Team Canada the 2nd, aka, the Soveriegn Nation of Quebec. Not all team members approved of this name. I was ok with it, though.

And here we are after our first victory! We had to take a string and pull it through our pants and shirts to connect all members. Such an interesting night. My family would have been so proud of me.

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