Monday, February 25, 2008

Garbage Guts' Birthday and my 100th Post!

I can't believe I've been here for over six months already. Time really does fly. Anyway, congratulations readers, it's my 100th post and for reading my blog you get... some pictures! What a surprise, I know. I'm a giver, not a reciever.

On Saturday we made our way to our old haunt in Itaewon, the basement club known as B1, to celebrate Lisa's (aka Garbage Guts- she eats everyone's leftovers) 24th birthday with lots of beer and hookah and debauchery! It was lovely. I think nearly everyone I know in Korea came, and we were still at the club (some of us still dancing) when they started closing around 5:30 AM. We blindly made our way to the Itaewon jjimjilbang and slept for two or three hours and then had to get up for some Maple Bear training in Pyeongchon- ugh.

Taking the subway after having soju and homemade dokbokkie (I'm proud to say I made it myself) is a lot of fun. It definitely makes the hour ride to Itaewon a little less tiresome. Friends help, too.

Bernard is in absolute heaven. You can just see the crazed look in his eyes, can't you?

Sam and I take good pictures together. It's been decided (but only by me and Sam).

Tristan be stealin' ma cosmopolitan. Thief.

Alan be hogging the shisha.

Hmm. How best to explain these guys. Well, I know the Korean guy is a DJ, and I know the other guy is a friend of his, but what the friend does is unknown. Perhaps even illegal? I can't remember specifics, but he was such a nice guy! The picture says it all.

Lisa and Enda taking a break from being seen.

Kerri did not. stop. dancing. all. night. Seriously. I don't know how anyone can dance for seven hours straight. I barely saw her all night!

Lisa and Samwise.


Guys. Talking about guy things. I think at this point I was shut off from the world!

Annnnd the next morning on our way to training. Yes, I had a wonderful and productive day, let me tell you.


Amanda said...

So fun!
Next adventure - Seek out some of these, and tell me how they taste:

Janinel said...

Oh, I've already tried a few of those... they're very popular! Especially the sweet gold crust at pizza hut (and everywhere else). I wont touch the cookie one though. As a general rule, I refuse to eat at Mr. Pizza.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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