Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hongdae Nights

April has always been a busy month for birthdays in Canada, and one can officially say the same about Korea. On Saturday night a good portion of the foreign teaching community in Suwon went out to Itaewon and then Hongdae for a night of frivolity and dancing to celebrate several birthdays which all happened to fall around the same time.

I haven't had much of a chance to really spend an evening in Hongdae, and until this past weekend thought that, for nightlife, the neighbourhood was kinda overrated- to be honest, I'm not really a dance club kind of girl and Hongdae is reknowed for it's countless bars and dance clubs. This being said, the clubs chosen for this particular evening were awesome- way better than Tin Pan, which is the only other club I've experienced and reminds me of the dirty bar in my university town that I never wanted to go to.

That being said, here are some of the many pictures taken that evening (evening, early morning, whatever).

Cass: The Sound of Vitality. This is the drink of choice for many in Korea, and was certainly the drink of choice for the bus ride into Seoul. Yes, in Korea you can drink on the bus.

Kim (birthday girl), Molly, and Ciara (other birthday girl) at Bar Nana in Itaewon.

Aidan, birthday boy, and Patrick. They love each other.

More love. Seriously, there were so many love pictures taken I had a hard time picking the good ones.

Genevieve's all like "check out my wicked awesome Dubai Terry Fox Run t-shirt that I found in Korea. " I'm all like "random."

J9, Stevo, and Kerbear at the Rocky Mountain Tavern (where nearly all of my university friends happened to be).

Making our way back to the Suwon group at Club FF.

And there it is, with its promise of rock and roll. It totes delivered on that promise.

The rest of the night is kind of a blur. I stopped drinking and increased dancing, not even stopping for pictures as you can tell.

I did stop for street food with Rosie though. You see these things soaking in soup at street kiosks all over Korea- it's fishcake kabob. At least that's my name for it. The soy sauce conveniently comes in a spray bottle, hence covering your desired area quite evenly. I enjoyed some mandhu (I'm so typical).

A shot of Hongdae at night. It's usually busier than this! After the street food we made our way to Club Ska and kept dancing til... ohh... 6 AM. Then we cabbed all the way back to Suwon. The end.

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