Friday, May 16, 2008

Genevieve and Scott Hit Up Suwon!

A few weeks ago my friend Genevieve (from university) came with her boyfriend, Scott to visit me and see the sights in Suwon. It was heaps of fun, let me tell you. We met up at Suwon Station and went out for some jjimdak (a delicious chicken stew with lots of potatoes, carrots, leek, and dok with rice noodles on the bottom) and afterwards went to check out our only real tourist attraction- that's right, we went to the fortress. Yawn. It was cool, though, because Patrick, Gen and Scott all had never been there before. And I like playing tour guide.

So we walked most of the five mile fortress wall, and then bussed home and went out for some delicious Indian buffet (there's an excellent place by the Samsung headquarters- I believe it is called "Mayura"). At the buffet we lucked out because it was special vegetarian night and the owners were making piles and piles of Mysore Masala Dosai- my new favourite dish. It's a crepe made from pureed rice and lentils that is brought fresh to your table. Then you fill the crepe with this amazing curried potato filling and top that with chutney and then fold the whole thing up and eat it like a sandwich. Heavenly! After eating we went out to Now Bar, naturally, and partook in quiz night (we lost; the questions were biased!) and then had a sweet time drinking cass-ah and having super-nerdy picture drawing competitions. Yeah.

Here's Gen after making it to the top of the fortress!

Scott, tolling the bell of Filial Piety.

Genevieve; contemplating.

Nice scenery, nice Patrick.

More nice scenery.

Our impression of Hilary Clinton. If you can guess our two interpretations you get a prize! prize... but try to guess anyway.

Patrick's interpretation of a Liger.

Kim and Aidan joined in the competition. Check out that concentration.

Lisa admires my work of art.

A solid night of drinking and this is what we have to show for it.

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