Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to Kamal

A few weekends ago we celebrated our friend Kamal's 25th birthday with class and style. Obviously, we went to Hongdae. But not without a few drinks at Now Bar, a rowdy bus ride into Seoul, Rocky Mountain Taven for jello shots and poutine, a roadside bar (?) for some unidentifyable mixed drinks, and finally Ska Bar where we danced til about 6 AM. I shouldn't be, but I'm always surprised when I walk out of a bar in Hondgae and realize it's a beautiful, sunny morning. Birds are singing, drunk people are passed out in the street, and most of our Now Bar posse are still going strong in the bar upstairs.

When I got to Korea and was told of the all night social activities, I said "No way. I will never be able to stay out until 5 or 6 AM." I mean, in Nova Scotia everything outside Halifax closes by 2 AM, if not earlier, so I was well used to being sound asleep by 3 AM at the latest. Then, the first time I went to Now Bar I suddenly looked at my watch and realized it was 5 AM. How did that even happen? I'm still not used to it. Anyways, here are some pictures from Kamal's big night!

All the lovely ladies at Now Bar (minus the birthday girl).

The smoky, smoky Rocky Mountain Tavern in Hongdae. These two guys were playing guitar and broke out some Blue Rodeo. They weren't so great, but it was an ample opportunity for a Canadian sing along.

Kamal, the birthday girl, was in full swing all night! And props on the cute dress.

Annnnd the roadside bar. Seriously, this one was my favourite. Fresh air, some yummy concoctions, good company. This bar is highly recommended.

Happy Birthday Kamal!

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