Monday, June 2, 2008

Touch Rugby: I Don't Get It

I always knew the boys from Now Bar (and some of the girls) were slightly rugby obsessed. Ok, slghtly is an understatement. For me, I find sports really easy to ignore for the most part. If there's a game on in a bar, I just fall asleep or something until it's over. I don't mean to sound like such a girl, but I really have no desire to even try to understand most sports. Anyway, I do have a point to this post.

There's a touch rugby organization for expats in Korea, and the rugby obsessed ladies and gents of Now Bar have come up with a team- aptly named the Suwon Stormers. They participated in their first tournament last weekend at Yeouido Park in Seoul, and some of us came along to support and cheer on our people.

I learned some stuff: they can only throw backwards, and when someone gets touched they need to drop the ball so someone else from their team can pick it up and run until he/she gets touched, and so on. I'm not sure about anything else... I know you need to run to your end of the field (but I guess that's a given). Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is, I learned some stuff and I didn't die of boredom and I got a really great tan. And it was nice to see the guys play their little hearts out.

Here are the boys (none of the girl team members participated this time) playing against a Korean team. The teams were pretty diverse- there was one comprised entirely of pre-pubescent French boys, another from New Zealand (the good team), a Korean team, an all-girls team. Our guys beat the little boys from France and the girls, BUT they didn't have very much practise time before the tournie (in their defense).

It was perfect weather for sunning. We should have taken a BBQ.

I was told touch rugby would be less dangerous, but during just this one tournament Patrick sprained his wrist and Andrew (picture above), like, broke one of his toes and had a major slice taken out of another one. Danger!

Rugby team or Burlesque troupe? I like think a little of column A, a little of column B.

I would hate to be likened to a cheerleader, especially a cheerleader who doesn't really understand sports to begin with. Grace; however, knows everything there is to know about rugby and had some pretty kick ass cheers from her Laurier days. She is also a good "rugby rules" teacher.

Our favourite French kid. I think their team was called the "Royal Frogs" or something hilarious and slightly racist like that. Anyway, in his short shorts and with his wavy locks, we're sure he'll end up a snooty French male model someday.

This kid was not playing any games. Just look at that face!

The girls didn't get to play, but we definitely stepped up to the plate to help the guys drink their tournament beer. It was warm, but plentiful.

Disclaimer: I am really not an airhead. Just more artsy than sportsy.


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Great pics...and glad you enjoyed it! Get down to Gumi for the tourney and party next weekend...
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