Thursday, June 5, 2008

Afternoon Stroll in Paldalmun

This big, gothic church really sticks out in the middle of Suwon, huh? It's actually a good reference point to use because it's so massive. "Meet you two streets over from the massive, gothic church", and so on. Actually, I never go to that part of town so I've never used it as a reference point, but don't you think it would make a good one anyway?

We got off the fortress trail and walked along the food market street. It smelled so delicious, like ginseng and garlic and sandalwood...

Back home people are used to sanitized, grocery store produce that generally tastes bland and looks dull. I have never enjoyed grapes, oranges, persimmons or tomatoes as much as I have enjoyed them in Korea. They're so sweet and just ripe enough and so, so fresh. Just pick 'em right from the ground!

The zucchinis here look different from the ones at home, but they actually taste the same. They're just a little brighter in hue.

Mom is afraid to go across the stepping stones, but now she has to in order to save face. Come on, if your kids can do it, you can do it.

Typical, run down but extremely interesting street in Paldalmun. This is the old part of Suwon, surrounded by the fortress walls. I have heard a rumour that the government is going to eventually make all of the buildings exact replicas of how they were in the 1700's when the fortress was built. That would be difficult, I think, since Koreans generally build up these days (ie: high rise housing, businesses not always on ground level, etc.). How would they accomodate everyone?

I like to think that the owner is a fan... but what kind of fan mispells the name of the band. Really.


Anonymous said...

FYI: DoranDoran must be the parody. "도란도란" is an adverb describing the sound or the scene of people talking quietly and affectionately (bet. friends/family members etc).

Janinel said...

That's cute! Thanks for the info.

Brian said...

Just passing through and wanted to say that your blog has an awesome name.