Tuesday, June 3, 2008

There's Stuff Growing in my Classroom

The unit this month is about beans, but my bosses brought me lettuce seeds instead.

"This way the plant will grow much faster... and we can eat your lettuce at lunchtime..."

David (my boss) is such a funny man.

So we (Jessica and I) got some plastic cups and put our kid's names on them, and then we had a seed planting day last Friday. My boss was right, the lettuce was already sprouting when we got back to school on Monday! I'm thinking about throwing in the ol' teaching towel and becoming an organic vegetable farmer... but then, on second thought, the "teacher seeds" that Jessica and I planted aren't sprouting as well as our kid's so maybe that's a poor career option for me.

Bright gets so excited every day when he sees his lettuce has grown just a little bit more. He's a gem.

Soo ah and Lisa in my afternoon kindergarten class.

Robin, showing off his great gardening skills. He is also in my afternoon class.

Alex never shows his excitement outright.

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