Tuesday, July 15, 2008

America: Eff Yeah! (Happy Belated Fourth of July)

We celebrated the Fourth of July much the same way we celebrated Canada Day- actually, no. We just celebrated with the same people I guess. But either way, I think we would have done the United States proud. There was American Football, a cake that was supposed to have an American flag but the icing was too runny and it all kinda melted (it worked out ok, though, because at that point we just dubbed it the "Melting Pot" cake), some non-American beer, but that couldn't be helped, a good old fashioned BBQ and to top off our celebrations (and in true American style) we fired off some fireworks around midnight. It was great!

The cake in all it's melted glory: I made Patrick tell everyone he made it because I was embarassed to be associated with such an awful icing job. But then everyone loved it and I took back the credit (so selfish).

The guys played football and the girls made fun of them. That's how we roll. Really, we should have just gotten off our asses and played with them, but it was such a hot day. Just look at the state of my hair, and that's just from sitting down. I mean, honestly.

Grace and Lindsay think this is the girliest picture ever taken of the two of them. Just thank the photographer, ladies, just thank the photographer.

Aidan's already got his shirt off and he hasn't even finished his first beer. I think this might be a record. The guys had a good time playing football, though. The majority of them aren't American and haven't really played the sport so it was a nice introduction.

Waiting for the meat to BBQ the girls were just too hungry. So we proceeded to eat Rachael's macaroni salad with our bare hands. Sexy, no?

The party took places at Aidan's, natch, since he has the best apartment out of everyone. It's huge and it has a deck (it's loacted on the roof of the building). Here's Kim, Ciara, Kamal, and Michelle enjoying the fresh air (and the Cass Lemon).

And here's Patrick almost killing himself (and apparently our friend Luke) with a firecracker. Luckily, Aidan came to his rescue and pointed it in the right direction seconds before it went off. Phew.

And, like most nights out with our Now Bar people, the night turned into one big group-hug sing-along. I love these people.


jenna clarke said...

Hi Janine
I just wanted to leave you a comment since I have visited your blog pretty religiously over the past few weeks. I found you through a google search of Maple Bear and, alas, I was brought to your blog.
I have just been accepted to a teaching position at the newest Maple Bear school in Yongin. It looks fabulous, but still in construction. Are you done your contract with Maple Bear now? You seemed to enjoy it quite thoroughly from what I can tell!
Any advice or things I should watch out for that you may want to share??
Thanks :)

Janinel said...

Hey Jenna- wow, you're so close to Suwon! You'll love it. Don't worry about anything. I'm on vacation in Canada at the moment, but will be back in three weeks.