Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Maarvelous Maangchi!

Introducing Maangchi.

While creeping other expat blogs last night I stumbled upon a youtube video of this lovely lady. She loves to cook, and she has taken it upon herself to create a fantabulous blog discussing Korean cooking and posting traditional Korean recipes for every foreigner who has ever dreamed of being able to make their own Job Chai or Kimchi Jiggae (like yours truly).

While her blog alone is impressive, her cyber output does not stop there- oh no! She has her own podcast and videos of her cooking each recipe on youtube, which are really useful to have on hand while attempting your first Sam Gye Tang (chicken ginseng soup.... yum, yum, yum!).

All of her recipes are well layed out and well explained, even though English is clearly her second language. She give the Korean names of the dishes as well as the English description so, if you're Korean illiterate, you can memorize the names for the next time you're out to dinner without your Korean friends (I've often felt handicapped at a Korean restaurant without my coworkers or friends simply because I couldn't remember the name of the dish I liked the last time I was there).

You must understand, for a foodie such as myself, what a goldmine this discovery has been for me! I worry sometimes about a time when I'm not in Korea anymore and I'm going out of my mind to find some decent Korean food... which is, after the wonderful people I've met, going to be the thing I miss the most about the country (with many, many other things making the list of "things I'll miss" afterwards).

If you like to cook, check out her blog or just search her name on youtube. It's very informative and entertaining (with the latest dance club hit playing in the background). Her link is now on my blogroll. Happy Hump Day tomorrow to all you expats (and expat wannabes).

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Sarah O said...

My uncle (who is white) lived in Hong Kong for a year to learn Cantonese, and had his own cooking show for a while where he spoke Cantonese and taught Asian people here in Canada how to cook western dishes. Cool, huh? You two would probably have a lot to talk about.