Friday, July 4, 2008

Canada Day: Pt. 2

My second Canada Day celebration took place at the Nanji Campground on the bank of the Han River in Seoul. The day started off rainy and uninviting (and apparently stayed that way in Suwon) but when we arrived in Seoul it was beautiful and sunny- a great day to spend outdoors with all of your buddies.

The Canadian ladies from Suwon, me (also a Canadian lady from Suwon) and a brave Patrick got up early, headed into Gangnam for a delicious brunch at the Big Rock Brewery (all you can eat, 10,000 won, just go to Gangnam Stn. and take Exit 7) and from there, made our way via subway to the World Cup Stadium stop where busses from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce were waiting to taxi us to the camp ground.

Our tickets were 25,000 won each (less than 25 bucks Canadian) and food, drinks were extra. I think it was worth it, especially when they started giving things away that they hadn't sold by the end of the day. We had a great time, even the Irish and Americans who came along for the experience.

At the face painting tent: Me, Grace, Mich, Kamal, Doug, Rachael and Barbara (an American supporter).

The question was "Who can sing the first line of the National Anthem in French and English?"

The man went to Grace first, who was suddenly overcome with shyness, and then the microphone was passed on to MOI who sang correctly and won a prize! Yesssssssssss.

My prize was an umbrella. Useful, especially during rainy season in Korea. Poor Jess won a free suit. We're not sure what kind of suit or from where, the certificate just said "One Free Suit".

"Enjoying" some Moosehead. This was Patrick's first experience with Canadian beer. It went down like water for me, but he didn't seem to enjoy it very much. Not that I even like Moosehead, I just think while it sucks at home, it's a million times better than Hite or Cass.

Me and my fellow Nova Scotian. There was a Tug of War competition in which the Maritimers were victorious against the whole world. First, we played against Western Canada. They lost easily. Then, Ontario played against the "Non-Canadians". Ontario lost (even though they equal nearly the entire population of Canadians in Seoul). Then the Maritimers played against the "Non-Canadians". After a bit of a struggle we won. Mich and I maintain that we forced ourselves to win so we wouldn't be considered a joke to the rest of Canada. I don't know if that worked...

The sea of green that our table became...

Then my freaking favourite sweater fell in a toilet! I felt like crying! There was just water in the toilet so it wasn't exactly "soiled", but toilet water is toilet water. The sweater is still soaking in my washing machine. Sigh.

So ends my Canada Day in Seoul. Some of us went home, while others went to continue drinking in Itaewon at the Rocky Mountain Tavern. I didn't think that would be a wise idea, it being Sunday and all.

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