Wednesday, September 10, 2008

BBQ at Kyung Hee University

Kyung Hee University is well known in Korea and is located in Yeongtong- just walking distance from Now Bar, my school and most of my friend's apartments (but not mine- boourns). The majority of universities in and around Suwon are nice and are located in hip neighbourhoods, but by far, Kyung Hee has the most beautiful campus and the overall coolest "scene".

Our friend Mike is off to Japan with his girlfriend and then back to Korea for a weekend and THEN back to America, so we thought we would have a little BBQ to celebrate his time spent in Korea. I made some yummy banana bread, Grace made some yummy burgers, Lindsay made a yummy salad and Ciara made some awesome fajitas. Along with a lot of other stuff, they made for a pretty good meal. The company wasn't bad, either.

They have an ampitheatre towards the back of the campus- just kind of tucked into the mountain- with a beautiful pond and fountain in front. I admit, we are, at times, spoiled. I mean, really. Our rent is paid, we make over 2 grand a month with minimal expenses, our weekends are free, we get paid vacations and sick days... and we get to hang out in places like this in our free time. Yes, we are spoiled.

We thought the ampitheatre was the perfect spot for some cheesey photos. Here is our happy gang, minus a few who have gone back to their homelands... plus one new addition...

We tried getting a shot of us jumping off the steps, but we got ahead of ourselves... one more time?

That's better.

This is our medieval fighting scene. I got iced early on.

Jesse is victorious. That jerk.

I love this photo, even though I look stupid. Just focus on Paul in the background- as Grace put it, "it looks just like he's coming in for a landing after a nice flight around the ampitheatre"... I am totes in agreement.

As it grew dark we put the ampitheatre to good use and practised our improv skills. It was maybe the dorkiest and most fun idea we've ever had.

Three quarters of my improv team. We rocked the ampitheatre.

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Ray said...


I really like your blog!

I wish I was having as much fun as you were.