Friday, September 5, 2008

Fozzie Needs a Home... For Reals

Won't you love him?

The teachers of Maple Bear have been taking care of him for some time, but I think it's time Fozzie got a real life home. We love him, but as each owner goes back to Canada he gets moved from place to place and it isn't healthy for the little guy.

He's healthy, fixed, has all his shots. He's street smart and hardly even needs a leash. He loves people and likes to cuddle.

I love it when his coat is all fluffy and he looks like a little puffball. This is him and me at Christmas when he was in his most loving foster home, with Kim and Drew. They were planning on coming back to Korea so they didn't take him back to Canada. Then, Kim got pregnant- surprise! Which is amazing news, but not so much for Fozzie. We need to find him a home!

This is a picture of Fozzie taken the first day he arrived in my apartment. He was so malnourished and so happy to see people who weren't trying to kick him. Breaks your heart a little.

I'd keep him, but Christmas was a realization for me that Ha Jin, Somi, cat food, vomit, and Fozzie don't mix. Please email me if you're interested in this little guy. Thanks, readers!

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