Friday, November 21, 2008

Halloween Number Two at Maple Bear!

The thing about Hagwons is that you never celebrate a holiday the same way twice. In a way, this is good because you're constantly experiencing new things and you aren't getting bored with the same old after renewing your contract. On the other hand, it's daunting because you never know how this new celebration is going to work out- will the kids have fun? Will I be stressed to the max? Will it be organized or the complete opposite? These are a few of the questions you have to ask yourself as you try to prepare the kiddies (but mostly yourself) for the insanity that comes along with Halloween's sugary highs and lowest of lows.

This time around it worked out. We had fun, the kids had fun, we carved pumpkins (the kids were a bit bored watching and didn't want to dirty their hands to help get the gook out), we watched Halloween cartoons and talked about Halloween traditions. Like last year, we took our classes trick or treating to the other classrooms and this year the kids were lucky enough to have "Kung Fu Panda" as their teacher so we also had fun doing the Kung Fu Panda dance. Overall, I would say it was pretty alright. Maybe a 6 out of 10. Here, as always, are some pics!

To the left, Calvin. He was my student last year. To the right, Robin. He is my student this year. Brothers. Robin reeeeally loves his big brother. Calvin was a thoughtful, quiet student. Robin is a basket case. So alike in looks and so different in demeanor!

Here they are, spreading the love in front of the camera. What a bunch of hams (I love these children).

Maybe you don't know this about me, but aside from teaching two kindergarten classes I also teach elementary math in English. These are my elementary students (graduates of Maple Bear from last year, natch- they always keep coming back...). They made their treat bags out of pillow cases. Soooo old school.

Here is Sue, who was, like, one of my first ever students. And now she's still my student. Gad love her.

Miss Kerri was a penguin. Nice try, Ker, but we all know who the real crowd pleaser was that day...

Kung Fu Panda, baby! Here we are with our kiddies while they were waiting to get into the haunted house.

Greeting the trick or treaters...

Did you know that pandas (and apparently, panda costumes) only have four fingers? That means I had to squeeze two fingers in the same finger hole. That also means that I was giving peace signs all day with the wrong two fingers, which kinda cramped the muscles after awhile. The things I do for my students.

Here's Miss Charlene the cool witch and my favourite of her kids- Brian. Every time he sees me in the hallway he shouts "HI MISS KERRI!". I don't have the heart to correct him...

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