Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Movember!

Movember is something the guys from the touch rugby team have been working on all month. Doing what, you may ask? Well, growing some sleazy 'staches of course. Duh. Mo-vember. Don't worry, dear readers, it isn't all for nothing (like their girlfriends would be this supportive if they were growing moustaches for no reason)- they are growing 'stashes to rasie money for men's health issues! Hurrah! We all know that men don't necessarily like to go to the doctor to discuss a senstive health issue, but I am proud to say that Movember has been getting a lot of support from the expat community here in Korea and all around the world!

Here's the official website:

And now that you know about Movember, you should, like, give them some money before November is over. This weekend. Do it for your Dads and brothers and boyfriends and husbands and friends. Anyway, even though it's a good cause I, for one, will be happy to have a clean shaven boyfriend once again on Monday. It has; however, been fun to watch our boys' progress this month.

Readers: who do you think won the 'stache contest?

What can I say. The girls are in FULL support of the guys. We went all out.

Here's Adian's...

Luke has a steady hand with a razor...

Paul, looking the creepiest he's looked in at least three months...

Pat with his handlebars (you can only really see his 'stache up close- he's just too blonde).

And, of course, Jeremy. Who can pull off facial hair because he's from South Africa. There, I said it.

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