Tuesday, December 9, 2008

People I've had to Say Goodbye to Over the Last Three Weeks:

Living here is hard, somtimes- I won't deny it. The worst is when the people who become your extended family members go back home while you're still in Korea for several more months. I won't lie about another thing: Christmas in Korea sucks. I want to go home. But this feeling will pass by January, hopefully. Anyways, in the meantime here is a tribute to some of our dearest friends who have gone back home recently:

Now Bar is eerily quiet without you, Grace. See you in Toronto.

Paul: your jokes about Canada aren't funny. Your accent is funny. We miss you a lot.

Lindsay: I have had to resort to being the "picture taker" now that you're gone. I really suck at it, too. Ask Michelle. We really, really miss you.
To top things off, it's progress report time again. Didn't I JUST do those not so long ago? Ughughugh.

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