Sunday, January 18, 2009

Christmas Post Number Four: Christmas Day in Yeongtong

Blogger is getting on my nerves these days! I used to be able to upload my photos in the order that I wanted you to see them, but instead it just does whatever it wants in random order. There is no way to help my situation; when it comes to computers I'm just plain stupid. Oh well.

Welcome to my last Christmas post (thank God, it's only halfway through January). China pictures are to follow, as well as some odes to more friends who have left me in recent days/weeks. In all honesty I'm off soon myself. Not for long, of course, but for a good, three month long vacation to Southeast Asia. Yes, I am a spoiled lady. But, I think anyone who teaches in Korea deserves an extra long vacation for the lack of vacation during the school year as well as the added "pressures" that come to any foreigner living and working in Korea. Let's face it, sometimes we have to put up with bullshit. In any case, I am excitedly making plans, finding a cat sitter until my return in June, planning our routes through Indonesia and peninsular Southeast Asia, planning our treks and massages and cooking classes as well as trying to pack up my mess of an apartment and find places for all of my things until I return in June. I'm a bit excited.

Anyways, back to Christmas morning. These pictures are in completely random order so forgive me. First thing Christmas morning, Rach and I woke up, one of us more hungover than the other (I'm not naming names), and Rach set to work making some banana bread for brunch. I headed straight over to Molly's where I enjoyed a yummy cup of coffee and some nice conversation and she, Kim and I prepared for our friends to come over. It was potluck style, so we ended up feasting on pancakes, bacon, eggs, toast, fruit, yoghurt, banana bread, coffee and mimosas. It was delicious. Then we opened our presents. The girls bought for each other and the guys bought for each other, so opening the Secret Santa gifts were a bit of a hoot.

After, we lounged around Molly's watching funny youtube clips and nursing our hangovers. Until 4 PM, when I finally had to drag myself to Now Bar to prepare for the massive Christmas dinner that I was making with the help of my very awesome friends. After we ate, Amy and Claire prepared a great round of trivia, which was also a hoot. Great Christmas!

Claire, at Now Bar chopping zuchinnis.

Me, going crazy. I mean preparing salads.

Our dear Andrew, whose experience in restaurants was greatly appreciated.

There was no doubt in anyone's mind that Aidan should be the turkey carver. Also, he wouldn't let anyone take more than their share. This was key.

Our Christmas spread.

Claire, opening her gift from Amy.

Jeremy, opening his gift from Connla.

Aidan was very pleased with the sexy orange shorts he received from Andrew. Great colour.

Amy, showing off the vast array she received from Claire.

Connla used an entire roll of wrapping paper on this bottle of whisky. And then he put it in a gift bag.

Lounging... Rachael doesn't look all there, I wonder why?

Our lovely Christmas tree.

Our gracious hostess.


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Thank you! Please email if you're willing.

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