Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christmas Post Number Three: Christmas Eve at Now

After school was out, I went straight to Rachael's apartuh in Yeongtong, where I would be spending the night (no freaking way I was spending Christmas Eve alone, and besides, I had to be at Molly's early the next morning). We chatted, I had a little nap, we planned our food for the next morning, and then we went to Molly's where Rach got into the wine and we occupied ourselves watching those funny G I Joe cartoons... the ones where they have voiceovers and say stupid things... you know...

After a few hours of that, we took a short walk and ended up at Now Bar. Of course. The place was pumpin', people were in the Christmas spirit, and they were most definitely into the Christmas cheer (if you know what I mean). We had too good a time and ended back at Rachael's around 4 AM. Rachael had too good a time and didn't move much on Christmas morning. It was great :)

We MacLeans are a proud bunch. Here's my friend and probable relation, Stu, on Christmas Eve donning his MacLean tartan kilt.

Aidan, looking like he might either punch or hug whoever is poking him.

Jesse, Jer, Jeff and Claire.... wow, that rhymes. I love it when that happens!

We said goodbye to Luke, who was leaving the next day. Little did we know that Luke's flight would be cancelled and he would come back to Now the very next night.
Stay tuned for Christmas morning... oh the excitement!

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