Monday, August 10, 2009

Itaewon: Getting Classier by the Day

A few Saturdays ago (after the rugby team won another plate... more on that later...) we went to Itaewon for food and foreign comforts. Because even though I've always said that Itaewon is dingy and creepy and full of the worst kind of foriegners, you can't beat this area for international (authentic) food and drinks. The jjimjilbang is ok, too.

So the rugby team were fairly muddy and needed a wash before we watched the match between New Zealand and South Africa at Scrooge's (again, more on that later...), so we went to the jjimjilbang where the guys (and Sara) soaked their weary bones and Sophie and I napped in the common room. Then we went to Pancho's, an Itaewon staple, for some Mexican food (personally, I prefer Taco Amigo for authentic and delicious Mexican food in Itaewon). After Pancho's, realizing we still had hours before the game started, we went in search of a place with good ambiance and a large selection of cocktails.

If you head to the backstreet behind the Hamilton Hotel, a new world will be opened up before your eyes. No longer seedy, this Itaewon backstreet boasts world class international wine and cuisine and it's all reasonably priced... for world class cuisine, that is.

We settled in at an interesting and cozy spot known as the Bungalow. They are known here for having a sandy floor, making your stay much like an evening on the beach. They are also well known for their cocktails, so it was the perfect place for us.

I will say this: they make a great cosmopolitan. You should go.

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