Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Touch Rugby in Seoul

Well, the Suwon Stormers are happily making their way through their second season of Touch Rugby in Korea. Two weekends ago, they played their second tournament of the season and came away with the Plate once again!

Note* If you're dumb about rugby, like me, then you should know that the Plate is for the team that wins the losers round... or something. In any case, they won some cash that bought many beers later that night at Scrooge's in Itaewon.

Next weekend the boys (and Sara) should be hosting their own tournament in Suwon! Hopefully they get a good turnout, but I know that even if they don't everyone will have a good time.

Over the past year I've looked on as bonds were formed between the different teams from different regions (mostly expat, but some Korean!). Touch rugby has been a great way to bring the international community together, and while the Stormers and their posse are all, mostly, young and largely unattached, it's really great to see the other team's out with their families- even watching the little expat kids play tough rugby with each other. Hell- even the Mom's are learning how to play (one gave me a black eye last year during my one and only attempt at playing )

In a way, I look forward to these tournies as much as the team, just because I know some good, old fashioned rowdy fun is going to occur at any time. And the BBQ is always welcome- and the kebabs!

Hope to see you all during the rest of this season!

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Anonymous said...

I am a Torontonian who just moved to Youngton. Are the Suwon Stormers still operating? Do you know if their might be a wuss team for newbies like me? I'm loving your blog so far, it was really interesting to hear about how Youngton was pre-planned. (I'm pretty sure I'm spelling Youngton incorrectly)