Thursday, October 25, 2007

50% Off Galbi! NO WAY

If you live in Korea, you know that Galbi is not something considered overly expensive- especially if you only go out for it once in awhile. I would say I definitely go out for Galbi more than once in awhile, but for the amount of food you get (jiggae, lettuce, various types of kimchi, two kinds of dipping sauces, rice, this amazing egg dish, marinated onions, soup, two kinds of salad, sliced garlic, and of course the huge slabs of marinated beef that cook right in front of you on the grill) 10,000 won (about ten bucks) doesn't seem to be an exorborant amount of money to pay! I usually go for Galbi once a week with some friends and it always takes us at least two hours to get through all the food, especially since the woman who owns our favourite place constantly refills our side dishes. This particular Galbi place (pictured below) had just opened recently and since it was in the neighbourhood we could hardly pass up delicious Galbi at half price (imagine, five bucks for ALL that food).

Kerri, Kim, Drew, me, Helen, Amy, and Rachel went last Friday night and the place was packed! I should tell you that even if you sit in a spacious area in a Galbi restaurant your table will eventually be completely packed with dishes- this usually leads to a clumsy Westerner such as myself dropping, breaking, spilling, and reaping general havoc around my table. This restaurant was so crowded we were forced to sit at a table I would consider too small for three people, let alone seven! Anyway, I made it through the meal without making a fool of myself and enjoyed both the tried tested and true Galbi and this delicious cut of pork- I couldn't tell you what it was called, but Helen said it was the neck of the pig. Good thing I like to know what part of the animal my meat is coming from- there was definitely some mystery body parts at some other tables!

We let Helen take care of the BBQ- I would never trust myself to do it with such a tiny, crammed table!

Kerri and Amy

Rachel and Drew... and Kim's newly permed hair.

Janine and Helen, tongs and all.

Drew left, and the girls got a group shot... see how small our table was? Oh... I just realized it looks like Kerri and I are holding hands in this photo. That would be false. Funny though!

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