Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What is happening to me?

Why are there no Asian barbies?

Typical fattening Saturday breakfast/lunch- caffe latte and caramel pastry from Paris Baguette

Cafe Vergnano, where Kerri, Kim and I go to practise our Hangul. And gossip. Mostly gossip.

This abandoned motorcycle was outside the school for quite awhile- I guess I'm the only one who has ever experienced theft in Korea.!

The lights of Yeongtong at night... Now Bar is located to your right on the 2nd floor.

I read my last few blogs and wow... has Korea made me this much of a sissy?! Maybe I've been one all along and I'm finally comfortable acting like a sissy. I should stop saying sissy. I know that I've changed a lot though, holy moly. I feel like I was so reckless during university and living at home and I'm finally realizing that life is precious! Hahaha. OK, I really am a sissy. I've just been noticing that lately I've been very... careful. About everything. I used to tease my mom when she would lock the doors in our house- we live in the country, who would break in? But now I'm obsessive about locking my own door, and turning off the gas when I'm finished using the stove, and unplugging my lights, and looking both ways before crossing the street (ok, that one's universal). Is this what happens when you grow up? You become a huge 'fraidy cat? Time to change the subject.

Korea is so beautiful in October! My boss David has organized a day trip on Sunday for all the staff to go hiking on one of the mountains surrounding the city, and it should be a good time! The leaves are starting to change, so it's the perfect time of year to go hiking if you're a nature junkie like me. There will be lots of pictures which I will share with you all.


Gdog said...

Hi Janine, great blog by the way...I like your style, pretty funny. Anyways, thanks for linking to my blog! However I noticed the URL is typed incorrectly so the link is down.

Anyways, I've added you to my blogroll! Laters!

Janinel said...

Thanks! Consider the link fixed... I should probably click on my links more often...! Love your blog, I read it alllll the time. Mostly when I should be prepping for class. Take Care!