Monday, October 29, 2007

Pizza and Fried Chicken: A True Korean Experience

I've never had Papa John's pizza before since there are none where I live in Canada, but there is one in Suwon just down the road from GS Mart and I do get tired of the same old sweet potato pizza from my neighbourhood pizza place. Kerri and I went a few weeks ago. The pizza was good, but I think the decor was better. What ambience! I think you'll agree:

I think this abstract take on such a traditional piece really adds something to the general feel of it. I really must meet Papa Johns' interior designer.

In other news, Fried Chicken is really big here. I also heard, although I'm not 100% sure about this, that Korean Fried Chicken (....KFC?) has started to catch on in other trendy places like New York. I can't really taste much of a difference, except the chicken is usually better quality (like, you can tell that it was once a real live chicken) and sometimes the batter is a bit on the spicy side. We already have one or two places in my neighbourhood and I never felt compelled to eat it, but a new place opened as well so I met up with Lisa and Enda one night to check it out. Then Chris, Helena and Liz showed up. Then I had to go meet Kerri at the gym to work off all the grease.

My Dad would love this place.

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Helena said...

Ha! That's bizarre. Maybe they thought it looked better sideways.