Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Autumn Sights in Suwon

Time to harvest the rice! This is the field close to my neighbourhood... I've been watching it grow all summer and although I'm no rice expert I think it was a pretty good haul this year! I almost asked that farmer if I could help him, but my fear of talking to strangers is stronger than my desire to break my back harvesting rice. Think I made the right decision?

A beautiful fall day! Last Saturday I had to go to school (I'm a workaholic... annnd I don't have a computer in my apartment) to do some prep so I stopped by the Mandhu place in Yeongtong before heading to my cubicle. I love watching my mandhu steam, I'm utterly fascinated. You can arrange to go on a Buddhist temple stay and learn how to make Mandhu- it's number three on my list after going to Pusan and Jeju Island. The Mandhu place is also a kimbap place- you can see the rolls of kimbap all ready for some hungry individual on the go.

Across the main road in my neighbourhood- harvesting an unknown grain (I don't think it's rice, but I have been wrong before) outside one of the gazillion churches around Gokbanjeong-dong (and Korea in general).


Helena said...

Ahhhhh! Wonderful! I loved fall in Korea. I can imagine it right now.

I served as a misisonary there--oh, golly, almost 15 years ago, now--and got to go out in the country and help on farms a few times. That was so fun.

Janinel said...

It's the best time of year! Although I still have winter to experience... but fall will be a tough season to beat...