Monday, November 26, 2007

Random, Random, Random...

I haven't blogged in a few days and I'm sorry about that. I've been busy planning my life for next year, so it took prevalence over blogging (gasp! such blasphemy!). I got a great sounding job in Germany starting next summer which will start pretty much immediately after my contract in Korea ends, being an au pair for a busy and fun-sounding family, so I'm pretty stoked! I'm still loving my Korean life though, and this past weekend I took the much-revered trip to Costco that my bosses take us on once a month. I bought a 15 pack of macaroni and cheese, a double pack of cream cheese, and broccoli and cheese soup. I think it's safe to say that the thing I miss most from home (foodwise) is cheese. Agreed? I also got some bagels- a necessity for the cream cheese. I'm a very happy girl right now!

I finished most of my Christmas shopping yesterday around Suwon Station, where most of the good shopping is in town. They have a Body Shop, an English book store, clothing that would actually fit most Westerners, and lots of neat little trinket and jewellry stands. The best thing about Christmas shopping around Suwon Station? No, it's not the crazy man selling those poor baby bunnies wearing tube socks as shirts (I HATE that guy) for 10, 000 won apiece. It's the gigantic Christmas tree, the christmas music blaring from outdoor speakers, and the lovely decorated archways that make me feel like I'm in Rockafellar Square as opposed to a dirty, but charming city in the heart of Korea. We're going there for a Christmas photo shoot very soon, and I will show you it's awesomeness first hand!

For now, please enjoy some rando pictures:

A shop in the Insadong underground. It's a pretty average conversation to have, I think. "Hey! Check out my new underwear!".

We made a new friend at McDonalds... Jina, one of our TA's, says he is a famous Korean TV star (I think she said TV). Kerri really likes him!

I'm a little more skeptical.

But Liz just loves him!

One lonely gerbil among the bunnies at Emart. For God's sake, someone just BUY him! Look how alone he feels.

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daeguowl said...

I think that's Hong Myung-Bo, captain of the Korean football team during the 2002 World Cup...