Friday, January 9, 2009

Back From the Dead... Er... I Mean Vacation.

Big Bang: Andy played the rapper in the middle. Extremely well.

Hi everyone. Yes, I've been a bad blogger, but I believe that even bloggers deserve vacations, don't you?

So, for my ten day Christmas vacation from Maple Bear I organized a big Christmas dinner at Now Bar with the help of my wonderful friends, had lots of girls nights while Patrick was at home (as well as some party nights... but not too many of those) and, of course, I backpacked around China for a bit, which was pretty tubular.

Having been so busy on my vacation, of course I have about a gazillion pictures and I'm eager to share them with you. Tomorrow.

Today I'm going to share a link with you. I can't figure out how to just put the video on my blog as I tend to be technologically impaired (at the best of times). Sometimes I wonder how I even started this blog thing.

ANYWAYS, one of the biggest bands in Korea these days is a boyband called "Big Bang" don't ask me about sexual inuendo or scientific terms, because when it comes to popstars in Korea I don't think even they know why they're called what they're called. Regardless, they are absolutely huge in Korea. You can't walk down the street without Big Bang blaring from the cell phone stores and clothing stores, jewellry stores and make up stores. They're just everywhere. And they're effing catchy, which makes me love them even more. Le sigh.

This past Monday was my first day back at Maple Bear, and on Mondays I teach morning six year old kindergarten until 1:20 PM and then I teach afternoon kindergarten from 3 until 6 PM. As I was entering my classroom for afternoon kindergarten, I noticed all of my kids gathered around Jessica, who was watching something on the internet. I heard the Big Bang before I saw what was on the moniter.

Jessica said, "Janine, you had better come see this".

I said, "Ok".

As my eyes reached the computer moniter I didn't quite see Big Bang. I saw my six year old student, Andy (who looks more like a four year old and is cute beyond belief), with four other people (who were in their 20's) impersonating Big Bang on a popular Korean talent show. Halfway through their number, G Dragon, a prominent member of the group, came out and joined in the fun.

While it's cool that Andy was on TV with several huge celebrities, what really impressed me was his total and complete confidence in his actions and singing. I knew he could sing- that he loved to sing- but I never would have guessed that he was on his way to becoming a child star. He was cute. He was eloquent. He was talented. He was hilarious! And he's my student. And he doesn't have a big head about it, even though now all of the little girls in the class have a big crush on him.
To see the video, click on the link and then scroll down until you see an icon that says "press play". That's the video. Go Andy. A to the N to the D, Y.
Enjoy! And prepare yourself for the slew of Christmas posts coming soon...
* Edit: it was NOT G. Dragon, but another member of Big Bang present at the show. The only name I know is G. Dragon. Andy was impersonating G. Dragon.