Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas Post Number One: The Decor

We were determined to have a good Christmas, and what's a good Christmas without Christmas decorations?

The girls and I went to Molly's house the Sunday before Christmas to make her place as Christmas-ey as possible before having our brunch there on Christmas morning. People have left a lot of stuff at Molly's over the last few months and we were excited to go through everyone's old Christmas decorations, put up the tree and get into the festive spirit.

Did we succeed? Yes. We made a beautiful Christmas tree. It inspired us to have a few Christmas portraits taken. These portraits were intended to be on the web before Christmas, but I lost my camera cord and had to wait for Pat to come back to Korea to put the pictures on my computer. Better late than never, they say...

Our adorable, pink and purple tree.

Rachael risked any possible health concerned and blew up this Christmas tree that we found in a random bag with lots of bugs. What did she have to say about it?
"I'd rather have Hep. A with a fully blown Christmas tree than be healthy with no tree at all".
It doesn't really make sense since we already had a tree. Oh Rachael.

When we were finished we turned off the lights and turned on the timer on my camera. Here we are admiring our work of art... Oh, this is our Slap Club Christmas portrait. Slap Club is kind of like Fight Club. Only we slap.

Then we got even MORE creative. This one is for our families and friends (especially Yeongtongians who have gone before us).

Mexican fiesta Christmas...

Pondering the true meaning of Christmas...

Annnnd, of course, awkward Korean Christmas.
Merry Christmas!