Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas Post Number Two: Maple Bear Concert

On Christmas Eve (yes, prospective expats... they will make you work Christmas Eve) we had a concert for all of the student's families. It was... interesting. First, we decorated Christmas Cakes, which is not a Western tradition, but in fact a Japanese one. Then, we had our Secret Santa. Even now, weeks after Christmas, we are getting complaints from parents about this one- "My child got a terrible gift, it didn't cost enough..." etc, etc. But the majority of the children had great fun getting secret presents from other students. Then, it was time to go upstairs and prepare for the concert.

My kids sang "Mele Kaliki Maka", the Hawaiian Christmas song as well as good ol' Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. For the first song Jessica and I dressed the kids up as palm trees, hula dancers and stars (and one sun) and they sang and did little dance moves. It was cute. For Rudolph, we did the funny version where each kid had something to add after each line. I made little pictures for them to hold up in case the parents didn't understand what they were saying. That would have been cute, too, if only I had explained that the kids needed to show their cards with the pictures facing their parents and not the other way around. Whatevs, live an learn. It was still cute. Then the kids got to go home early, and David paid for our lunch at a restaurant. Thank, David.

Then we did everything all over again in the afternoon, minus the mistakes with Rudolph and the lunch. Then we were on vacation! Finally!

Bright Kim, doing what he does best.

The teachers weren't exempt from wearing costumes. It's a Korean thing.

All of my little reindeer in a row.

The boys thought their red noses meant they were wearing girly make up. I explained to them that Big Bang wears make up, and we're almost 60% sure over half of them are straight.

Jason embraced the make up. He's a Wondergirls fan, not so much a Big Bang fan.

My afternoon kids! Here is my star, Mcqueen. Adorable. I wish he would speak English every now and then, though.

If I had known in advance about his appearance on television, I would have made a special lead role just for Andy. I didn't, though, and so he was just one of the many palm trees.

Martin was unsure about what he should do with his hands.

My extremely unimpressed hula dancers...

Martin, Mcqueen and Tommy shone that day. Sorry for the bad joke.


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